T Track

Our T Track is a strong and versatile hanging system that can be surface or flush at the juncture of the wall and ceiling.

T Track

Flexible Strength

T Track (Top Corner) can be applied to existing walls or installed during the building phase for a less visible solution. It is designed to fix to the wall tight up against the ceiling and gives the appearance of a floating ceiling. This is a very strong track, able to support artworks up to 300kg with the appropriate installation.

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Price: €59.69 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the T Track

  • Our newest track system for hanging artworks
  • Very strong - can support artworks up to 300kg
  • Can be incorporated into the wall at construction phase or surface-mounted
  • Use in conjunction with our hanging sets
  • Choice of white or soft silver finish

Next Step: Choose the right hanging method…

Once you have selected your required track you will need to specify the type of hanging system you require.
There are a number of factors to consider e.g. strength, appearance, level of security etc

Track Suspension Options

T Track is very easy to use, enabling artworks to be hung from clips inserted at any point along the track, and suspended using a choice of transparent cord, stainless steel cable or stainless steel rod.

Dimensions and Finish

T Track is an anodised aluminium extrusion that is available in either soft silver finish or white and comes in lengths of 2.5m. The track has a total vertical height of 31mm x 15mm depth. With the cover only 16mm of track is visible. The track comes pre-drilled for fixing at 300mm intervals which will suit the majority of installations. It is easy to cut to length on site if needed. Note: There is a slight widening to allow for the top blocks for the hanging sets to be inserted 100mm in from one end, the track should be trimmed from the opposite end.

The fixings for the T Track are virtually invisible once installed. However if you wish, we also carry a small clip-in cover that will make the track even more discreet, should the nature of your installation require this.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

For the most discreet finish, we recommend that the T Track is installed before any wall coverings are fixed. This means screwing the track into place tight up against the ceiling and then fitting the drywall snug to the underside of the track. Our optional track cover will then add the finishing touch for the most subtle look.

Alternatively the track can be surface mounted to an existing wall, tight up against the ceiling. For fixing your T Track, we recommend #8 (4mm) wood screws.

If you are installing multiple lengths of T Track, we supply simple connecting pins that help you to align the lengths of track for an even finish. These are inserted in the 2mm holes at the end of the track, connecting both lengths. Connecting pins will only be supplied with orders of 2 or more lengths.

There is a choice of components that will work with the T Track to suit your installation. The accessories are sold in sets that include a pair of hanging lengths, top blocks and fixings. You will need a set per work and can choose either a barrel for use with our Ryman Hanger, or a hook if your work will be hung with wire. All accessories can also be purchased separately, should you want to hang more than one work per hanging length set. T Track Cover is also available to purchase individually upon request. This is sold in a standard length of 2.5m.

What’s included

1 x 2.5m Length of T Track or T Track and Cover (if cover option selected above)

What you also need: Hanging sets


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

01769 572389


T Track

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