Q Barrier Floor Socket

The Floor Socket Q Barrier is designed as a more permanent solution for guiding and directing visitors without clashing with the display or decor.

Floor-Mounted Q Barrier At the TATE LONDON

Effective Guidance and Management

We designed this Floor Socket version of our 'full height' barrier system for more permanent installations. It is ideally suited to directing the flow of visitors at entrances to exhibits, for ticketing, or where there is a requirement for people to wait in a queue. It is both a physical and visual message dictating accessibility and ensuring that queuing is an orderly and defined process.

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Price: €252.73 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the Q Barrier Floor Socket

  • Our most discreet Q Barrier solution
  • Neutral, clean lines that blend with the environment
  • Ideal permanent solution for directing visitors
  • Elasticated cord that gently tugs and effectively guides
  • Suitable for stone, marble and concrete floors
  • Can also be used on timber flooring - please speak to one of our Team if you require this option
  • Modular components to accommodate informative signage

Suitable for Static Situations

The barrier post screws into a floor socket providing a rigid installation to support our discreet Elasticated Cord, that replaces those dreadful droopy ropes. Simple, effective, and suited to more static layouts.

The proportions and detailing have been designed to complement museum and gallery environments with clean lines and neutral finishes.

There is a range of Signage Systems that will attach easily and securely to the barrier to assist with informing and directing visitors.

Dimensions and Finish

Floor Socket Q Barriers are available in Stainless Steel finish. Our standard size is 900mm high with a 32mm wide upright. The socket is 100mm high and 45mm wide.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

We recommend up to 2.5 metres as the ideal spacing between barriers, but this can be adjusted slightly to suit individual layouts.

For the best finish, it is important to ensure that the cord maintains a level straight line between barriers.

The floor socket has recently been completely redesigned. The Q Barrier post now snaps firmly into place with a secure mechanism that ensures it's always pointing in the right direction. Thanks to this new beautifully simple system, altering the layout is very easy, doing away with the need to match each upright to its own floor socket.

With the upright being so easy to remove thanks to this new system, altering the layout is easy. However, when the upright is removed, the exposed hole of the socket is left visible. This can fill up with dirt and grime, potentially affecting the mechanism. We have designed the Q Barrier Floor Mounted Blanking Plug to slot into the socket, creating a flush finish. This not only makes the socket more visually attractive when the upright is removed, but also protects the mechanism inside the socket.

For more temporary installations, please see our Freestanding version.

What’s included

1 x Upright with Stainless Steel Top Cap
1 x Floor Socket

What you also need: Elasticated Cord, Barrier Signage


Download the installation instructions below or for any questions contact our support team on:

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Q Barrier Floor Socket

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