Q Barrier Floor Socket Blanking Plug

This Blanking Plug has been specifically design to be inserted into the socket when the upright is removed, creating a flush, smooth finish with the floor.

Q Barrier Floor Socket Blanking Plug

Price: €24.13

Flush Finish

Ordinarily, when the upright of the Floor Socket Q Barrier is removed, the hole of the socket will be left exposed. This will look rather unsightly and over time, could fill up with dirt and grime, making the re-insertion of the upright difficult.

That is where the Blanking Plug comes in. It has been designed to slot exactly into the hole once the upright has been removed, creating a flush finish with the lip of the socket. Once the Blanking Plug is inserted, the hole will not be visible.

The Blanking Plug is made from Stainless Steel, so it will exactly match the lip of the socket, discreetly blending in with the existing installation.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

Inserting the Blanking Plug into the socket is as simple as dropping it in. A flush finish with the lip of the socket is then created. In order to deter tampering, removal of the Blanking Plug requires the Blanking Plug Removal Tool.

To remove the Blanking Plug, simply place the removal tool on the top of the Blanking Plug, and the plug will easily 'pick up' and slide out of the socket, allowing you to re-insert the upright.

When placing the Blanking Plug into the socket, remember to make sure that it is flush with the lip.

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