Chain Hanger

The Chain Hanger is our solution for hanging artworks from chains for that authentic Victorian look.

Chain Hanger

Simple Design, Secure Fastening

The Chain Hanger is the perfect mechanism for hanging artwork from a chain, whether you are seeking a Victorian look or simply some extra security. The Chain Hanger is simply secured to the back of the artwork using the two adjustable screw slots. The artwork is then suspended from the chains by simply hooking into the appropriate links. Once the picture frame is levelled and centred, the artwork is securely ‘locked’ in place by closure of the hook using the supplied captivated allen screw.

Price: €15.24 (Excl. VAT)

Key Features of the Chain Hanger

  • Simple to attach to your artwork
  • Allows for an authentic Victorian look
  • Suitable for artworks up to 30kg
  • A strong and durable stainless steel construction
  • Secure attachment for added security

Small but Strong

Our Chain Hangers follow the Absolute ethos of being well-designed, simple to install and as discreet as possible. The stainless steel construction means that a pair of chain hangers will safely support artworks up to 30kg in weight when installed using the appropriate fixings.

Dimensions and Finish

The Chain Hanger is made of stainless steel so will be safe on your artwork and provide for many years of service. It is 65mm in height, 11mm wide and 12mm deep and are sold in pairs.

Useful Tips and Guidelines

We recommend the you use 3.5mm diameter panhead wood screws to fix the Chain Hangers to the back of the artwork, however countersink screws can also be used. The length of screw will be determined by the size of the frame.

What’s included

2 x Chain Hanger Plates
2 x Captivated Allen Screws


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Chain Hanger

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